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Why OptyFi?

DeFi is Hard

To continuously get top returns in DeFi, you must:
  • Learn new technology and apps, while making sure they are safe.
  • Track changing prices, yields, slippage and gas costs.
  • Avoid liquidations, losses, exploits, rugs and depegs.
  • Rebalance frequently to capture opportunities and avoid losses.
  • Rebalance not too frequently or you waste all your gains on slippage and gas fees.
Existing DeFi products handle some of these challenges.
OptyFi was built to handle them all.

OptyFi Difference

  • Powerful AI/ML Algorithms
  • Institutional Grade DeFi Strategies
  • Quantifiable & Robust Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliant Roadmap
  • Customizable Vault Return/Risk Profile

Sample Historic Returns

Below is a sample of historic returns for our USDC and ETH vaults operating under a relatively conservative risk profile .
Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator or future results.