Why OptyFi?

The Problem

Yield was the "killer application" that brought DeFi to the world's attention. But we are still at a very early stage.
The current status of DeFi yield consists of fragmented yield aggregation apps with hand-picked and inflexible yield strategies. Until DeFi is able to offer a user experience and technical sophistication comparable to TradFi, we will not achieve mainstream (retail or institutional) adoption.
OptyFi aims to deliver the user experience and technical sophistication of traditional asset management while preserving the ground-breaking advantages of decentralization.

The UX Problem

DeFi investors have to do several things in order to earn the optimal yield on their capital. This includes having to:
  • Learn many protocols.
  • Constantly track yields.
  • Guess the optimal strategy.
  • Continually rebalance portfolios.
  • Account for gas and fees.
  • Avoid liquidations and losses.

The Technology Problem

In addition to user experience problems, current yield aggregation technology is:
  • Inflexible: Each strategy is a custom-coded contract.
  • Fragmented: There are limited integrations between protocols and almost none between different blockchains.
  • Limited: The composability of DeFi is not fully utilized.
  • Non-Optimal: Strategies are selected manually.
As a result, investors find it very difficult to invest their capital with optimal efficiency in an automated way.

The Solution

The OptyFi Protocol continuously searches the multi-chain DeFi landscape for investment strategies and automatically deploys investor assets into the most profitable strategy that meets their risk preferences at any given time.
The protocol aims to achieve fully automated yield optimization by being:
  • Composable: Dynamically generating strategies based on protocol/blockchain integrations.
  • Automated: Automating strategy rebalancing based on changing conditions.
  • Risk-Adjusted: Accounting for user-defined risk preferences and the risk profiles of integrated protocols.
  • Extendable: Integrating hundreds of liquidity pools across protocols and blockchains.
  • Community Driven: OptyFi's architecture enables an ecosystem of specialist contributors including portfolio managers, risk analysts, integrators and data scientists.