What is OptyFi?

OptyFi is a multi-chain DeFi yield optimization protocol.

How does OptyFi work?

The OptyFi Protocol evaluates thousands of yield strategies across hundreds of liquidity pools, dozens of protocols and multiple blockchains to enable investors earn the most optimal yield in DeFi.

What products can I use on OptyFi?

  • Vaults: You can invest in OptyFi vaults to earn yield on your assets.
  • Staking Pools: You can stake your OPTY tokens to earn more OPTY tokens.

How does OptyFi make money?

OptyFi makes money primarily from fees charged on OptyFi vaults.

What fees will OptyFi charge?

To be advised.

Will OptyFi be multi-chain?


Which chains will OptyFi be deployed on?

The OptyFi Protocol will be deployed on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Will OptyFi be cross-chain?

Yes, in addition to being deployed on multiple blockchains, the OptyFi Protocol will also eventually enable cross-chain strategies involving tokens, liquidity pools and DeFi protocols across several chains.

What is OPTY?

OPTY is the native governance token of the OptyFi Protocol and DAO.

What is the utility of OPTY?

  • OPTY holders can become members of the OptyFi DAO.
  • OPTY holders can participate in OptyFi DAO governance.
  • OPTY holders can stake their OPTY to earn more OPTY.

What are the contract addresses of the OptyFi Vaults?

Where can I buy OPTY?

The OPTY token is not yet trading. We will announce when it gets listed on exchanges.

How can I earn OPTY?

You can earn OPTY by depositing assets into OptyFi vaults as well as by staking your OPTY.

What is OptyFi DAO?

The OptyFi DAO is a community-led decentralized autonomous organization consisting of OPTY token holders who govern the operation of the OptyFi Protocol.

How can I get involved with OptyFi?

You can get involved by joining our growing community to learn and contribute to the Protocol and DAO.

How can I contact OptyFi?

You can reach out to the OptyFi core team via our discord server.
Last modified 8mo ago